sweats, sweating, sweated
1) N-UNCOUNT Sweat is the salty colourless liquid which comes through your skin when you are hot, ill, or afraid.

Both horse and rider were dripping with sweat within five minutes...

He wiped the sweat off his face and looked around...

Her sweat-stained clothing clung to her body.

2) VERB When you sweat, sweat comes through your skin.

Already they were sweating as the sun beat down upon them.

Derived words:
sweating N-UNCOUNT

...symptoms such as sweating, irritability, anxiety and depression.

3) N-COUNT If someone is in a sweat, they are sweating a lot.

Every morning I would break out in a sweat...

Cool down very gradually after working up a sweat...

I really don't feel a bit sick, no night sweats, no fevers.

4) N-PLURAL Sweats are the same as a or sweatpants. [AM, INFORMAL]
5) PHRASE: PHR after v, v-link ADJ If someone is in a cold sweat or in a sweat, they feel frightened or embarrassed.

The very thought brought me out in a cold sweat.

6) PHRASE: V inflects If someone sweats it out, they wait anxiously for a situation to improve or be resolved, because they cannot do anything about it.

The islanders can do little but sweat it out, wondering whether they will be forced to go and seek a new life elsewhere.

7) CONVENTION If a person says no sweat when you ask them about something or ask them to do something, they mean that it is not a problem or that it can be done quickly or easily. [INFORMAL]

`Many thanks.' - `No sweat. Anything else?'...

No-one minds that she's a woman, that's no sweat at all.

no problem
8) blood, sweat, and tearssee blood
to sweat bloodsee blood

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